Dr Bandula Rathnayake

Bandula Rathnayake is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners .She has completed her primary degree in Sri Lanka. She has about 17 years of general practice experience in managing patients with all age groups and different cultural back grounds and acute and chronic diseases. She provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to primary care management with a focus on patient centred care and specific problem-solving skills. She brings a broad range of experience including family medicine, women’s health, preventive care, and mental health assessments. Outside of work Dr Bandula enjoys her leisure time by watching movies/ cooking, shopping, and spending time with family.

Languages Spoken, English, Sinhalese

Dr Berk Caglar

Dr Berk CAGLAR, who completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery twenty years ago. He obtained fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and practicing as a GP for the last ten years. He worked in several hospitals across Victoria in various departments including paediatrics, emergency medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and intensive care. After completing his medical degree, he obtained a Diploma of Child Health from Sydney University. He has a special interest in women’s and children’s health, chronic disease management, mental health, preventative medicine, minor procedures, and iron infusions. Outside of work Dr Berk enjoy reading, swimming, travelling, and spending time with his family.

Languages spoken English, Russian, Turkish


Dr Harshad Naik


Dr. Harshad Naik, a highly skilled and experienced General Practitioner, recently joined the Kew City Medical Centre. Originating from Mumbai, India, Dr. Naik made Australia his home thirteen years ago, bringing with him a wealth of diverse medical expertise.

Having worked in various hospitals across Australia, Dr. Naik has covered a broad spectrum of medical specialties, solidifying his foundation as a versatile healthcare professional. His commitment to rural healthcare was evident during his tenure as a general practitioner in rural Victoria, showcasing his dedication to providing accessible and comprehensive medical care.

With a keen interest in skin cancer, Dr. Naik has pursued specialised training, including an Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy, to enhance his diagnostic and treatment capabilities in dermatological care. His extensive procedural skills range from incision and drainage of abscesses to laparoscopic procedures and radical neck dissections.

Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Naik is a well-rounded individual with a passion for various activities. He finds relaxation in watching cricket, enjoys Bollywood movies, and finds solace in the tranquillity of fishing.

Languages spoken English, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi

Sunita Goradia

Sunita is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and helping patients to improve their overall health. With a strong belief in a food-first approach to patient care, Sunita is dedicated to achieving better medical outcomes and enhancing wellness.

Sunita holds a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science as well as a Master of Dietetics from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Her deep-rooted love for food underscores her commitment to advocating for a food-first philosophy in her practice.

One of Sunita’s notable strengths lies in her comprehensive understanding and keen interest in the dietary patterns of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. This expertise enables her to tailor nutrition solutions that align with each patient’s specific needs, ensuring that their dietary choices are health-conscious and culturally sensitive.

Sunita Goradia is well-equipped to support patients in the nutritional management of a wide range of health conditions, including:

  • Diabetes & prediabetes
  • High blood pressure, dyslipidaemia, metabolic syndrome
  • Digestive health issues
  • GERD, IBS, IBD, food intolerances, coeliac disease
  • Hypothyroidism, PCOS, insulin resistance
  • Weight management
  • Micronutrient deficiencies

Sunita Goradia has special interests in diabetes management, heart disease, dyslipidaemia, hypertension, thyroid disorders, and digestive health. She can speak English, Hindi and Marathi.


Each appointment is 30 min. The first appointment includes a full assessment of nutritional adequacy of your daily diet, taking into consideration medications and lab results. Recommendations will be made at the first appointment to encourage the adoption of modifications to your diet or new eating habits. If required, a diet plan that considers your needs and suits your individual preferences will be provided in subsequent appointments. Follow-up appointments will assess the progress and tweak the diet plan as necessary. Consultations such as for FODMAP elimination and reintroduction diet may require additional appointments.

Practice Nurse


  • Wound Care 
  • Preventative Health Education 
  • Health Assessment (including AUSDRISK, MMSE, GDS, K10)
  • Heart Health Check (including BMI, CVD)
  • Autism Screening (M-CHAT)
  • Preparing document of care plans and team care arrangements
  • Immunisations (Childhood, Adult, Travel, Flu, and COVID)
  • Catch up Immunisations
  • Asthma and diabetes Supports 
  • Circulation Testing 
  • Health Promotion 
  • ECG
  • Blood collection 
  • 24hr Blood Pressure Monitoring 
  • Holter Monitor 
  • Mole Mapping Photograph

Please note, some services are provided by on-site pathology 

Languages spoken

  • Mandarin
  • English