What is GP Shared Care?

Local hospitals offer shared care arrangements with qualified GP’s in the area.

Your GP will provide your antenatal care during pregnancy. As an adjunct to the care your GP provides, you will also have a minimum of 3 antenatal appointments at the hospital with a midwife. You may also see a doctor when you attend the hospital.

Research indicates having a well-known carer during pregnancy results in less hospital admissions, reduced risk of interventions in labour and birth as well as higher breastfeeding rates and women being more satisfied with their childbearing experience.

Dr Bandula Rathnayake and Dr Shirin Anbar Jafari is an accredited GP who will provide your antenatal care during pregnancy.

For more details, please arrange an appointment.

Dear patient, Kew City Medical Centre

is delighted to share the exciting news

our team has been enriched with the recent addition of two highly skilled professionals,

Dr. Naik (Skin cancer GP) and Ms. Sunita Goradia (Accredited dietitian). Full skin cancer

check (fee apply) with complimentary 1st mole mapping and EPC bulk billing dietitian

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